Building on our extensive applications in animal electrophysiology, The Quest HD and Quest HD + Stim provide a new kind of platform for neuroscience research. Animal electrophysiology requires a high-quality system that is miniaturized, the Quest systems leverage that to provide fully featured solutions for a broad range of neuroscience applications, that also happen to be remarkably portable.

The Quest processors provide from 32 to 512 channels of recording, with independent 32 channel banks allowing for Hyperscanning (e.g., recording multiple subjects with one clock) and multimodal recordings (e.g., EEG, EMG, EKG). The system also features advanced noise immunity and signal processing.

Quest processors support Code on the Box functionality allowing you to run your Python scripts directly from the processor itself, ensuring the shortest possible processing path for real-time recordings closd loop experiments and neurofeedback.

Quest processors also support direct recordings to the internal HDD or data can be transmitted wirelessly or wired as needed by your application. For real-time data processing we provide Matlab and Python APIs and support LSL data streaming.

The Quest processors also support a full complement of analog and digital inputs and outputs, to ensure integration with third party stimulus devices and experimental control software. These are all accurately time synched and integrated into the data steam.

To enhance the portability of the Quest processors, the system includes an internal battery for up to two hours of portable recordings and up to six hours with the addition of the extended battery pack. Not only does this remove the issue of ground loops and the reliance on unknown power quality in remote areas, it provides unprecedented flexibility for high quality recordings in real world settings.


  • Support from 32 to 512 channels
  • EEG, ERP, EMG, EKG and more
  • Analog and Digital IO
  • Python code on box support
  • Internal HDD, wired or wireless data acquisition
  • Battery operated
  • Hyperscanning
  • Transcranial Stimulation support (for Stim Front ends)
  • Matlab and Python APIs
  • LSL support for BCI applications

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